Звездные фото дня: Джей Ло и Алессандра Амбросио на съемках

Свежая подборка кадров из Instagram знаменитостей.
Звездные фото дня: Джей Ло и Алессандра Амбросио на съемках

Дженнифер Лопес дразнит кадрами со съемок нового клипа на песню Feel The Light.

On the set #FeeltheLight #video #HOME

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Настроение маленькой пятницы от Алессандры Амбросио.

The Door #homage @kennethwillardt @larrylobaugh

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Хилари Дафф делится своими кадрами для американского Cosmo в марте.

Another shot from my @cosmopolitan March cover shoot! @ericraydavidson Ya made me in pretty in PINK #getyourcopynow

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Кэти Перри и селфи эпохи Возрождения.

OMG people been selfie-ing for centuries!

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Николь Ричи с новой прической на шоу Эллен ДеДженерес.

Dancing my way on to @TheEllenShow #CandidlyNicole

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Коко Роша развенчивает миф о том, что будущим мамам не место в спортзале.

There's still prevailing myth that pregnant women should not exercise during pregnancy. I see comments like that on my Instagram every time I post a picture at the gym. Not only is it alright to keep fit during pregnancy, doctors now know that doing so has a positive impact on both the mother and baby. Your abdominals and core need to be strengthened throughout pregnancy, it helps with carrying the baby before term and also aids in labor, delivery and recovery after. Of course, there is always need for care and common sense when working out, and even more so when pregnant. Consult with your doctor on which exercises are best for you. For me personally, keeping fit has made this pregnancy such a joy. I'm a big fan of the medicine ball, it's a great underused tool for good core strength and can help increase your heart rate. Especially while pregnant I've found it helps relieve backaches and improves my posture by strengthening and toning muscles in my back and thighs. #StrongMom #PregnancyFitness

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